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5 minute stress busting workout!

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This great and quick workout will give you an outlet for any little built up frustrations from your week!

Nice dynamic movements to work up a sweat. Tip- put on your favourite high energy music playlist and turn it up LOUD!

1: Punch it out

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, and punch the air in front of you, alternating left, right, left etc. to the beat of the music. Do this for 30 seconds.

2: Side kicks

Step in front with your left foot, and then lean slightly to the left at the same time as kicking your right leg out to the side. Step your right leg back behind your left, then step back so both feet are back together. Repeat for 30 seconds, and then swap to kicking with your left foot for 30 seconds.

3: Uppercuts

Make a fist, then turn your hand so that the back of your hand is facing forward. Alternating between left and right hands, punch up from just beside your hip to up in line with your nose, then lower again and punch up with the other hand. Repeat, alternating hands for 30 seconds.

4: Squat jumps

Squat down slightly and then contract the muscles in your legs and propel yourself vertically, jumping as high in the hair as you can manage. On landing soften your legs to come back down to a half squat, and repeat again. For added stress relief, really stomp those feet on landing! Do this for 30 seconds.

5: Rowing

On a rowing machine, with hand held weights, or just using your own body weight, repeat a rowing action for 30 seconds.

6: Powerwalking sprints

For 30 seconds walk as briskly as you can, then drop back to a slower walk to catch your breath. Repeat this twice.

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