Visit the UK Fitness Camp That’s Helped Countless Others to Shed Fat, Lose Inches, and Feel Healthy Again

What’s weighing you down? Lose those stubborn inches at our UK fitness camp.

OnTrack fitness camps have worked for thousands.
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Experience Safe, Sustainable, and Steady Weight Loss at Our Gorgeous Countryside Fitness Camp.

The programme at our UK fitness camps has been specifically designed to help you lose weight consistently and permanently.

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  • Lose weight, reduce fat, and build a better waistline.
  • Lower your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Discover the secrets to tackling emotional and binge eating.
  • Keep the weight off by building healthy, permanent habits.
  • Feel fitter, more flexible, and ready to take on the world!

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Start your Transformation in Style

Finish the day’s training, eat a delicious meal (prepared by professional chefs), and retire to your gorgeous room in the heart of Cotswolds pristine countryside.

Stay with us at our luxurious fitness camp and experience:

  • A fully-stocked, modern indoor gym.
  • Competition-sized indoor pool for exercise or leisure.
  • Soothing steam room and on-site dry sauna.
  • Relaxing hydrotherapy spa for that end-of-day “ahhhh”.
  • Heated, quietly bubbling jacuzzi.
  • 550+ acres of peaceful UK countryside.

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Our Guests Have Come From All Over and Have Just One Thing to Say: OnTrack Fitness Camps Work.

“The best and healthiest weight loss program.”


“Transformed my life inside out”


“The best weight loss experience of my life.”


“Like leaving family behind”


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Make Permanent Progress that Lasts for Life

OnTrack is not diet. Here, you’ll lose weight by following a proven, comprehensive programme.

Get the support your need to begin losing weight and keeping it off for good. At our fitness camps, your instructors will gauge your current ability levels, adjust our programme to your needs, and ensure you feel comfortable throughout.

See what makes OnTrack so effective.

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FREE: Learn How OnTrack’s Fitness Camps Have Already Helped Thousands to Permanently Lose Weight.

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A three-part program that’s

Proven, repeatable, sustainable

“OnTrack isn’t a diet, it’s a complete programme of eating well, exercise and education to keep the weight off. They are awesome. OnTrack Changed my life.”

— [NAME]

With years of experience under our belts, we’ve crafted an effective programme that works by targeting the three critical elements of successful weight loss:

Getting Active

Each day, join other guests in light group exercises adjusted to your level.

Eating Right

Enjoy three delicious meals each day, plus plenty of snacks.

Success Seminars

Discuss the challenges of bingeing, emotional eating, and building new

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A few common questions we get asked…

Are OnTrack Fitness Retreats like bootcamps?

Not quite. A bootcamp typically focuses on quick, short-term weight loss delivered through difficult exercise and a lot of shouting. It’s not a very friendly (or effective) way to shape up.

On the other hand, at our fitness camps your coaches will work help you get moving, progress at your pace, and lose weight in a way that’s both healthy and permanent. Learn more by requesting a free brochure.

What if I’m not currently in shape? Will the programme still work?

The OnTrack programme is dynamic, and can be adjusted for any activity level. We’ve successfully helped motivated individuals from around the world despite mobility issues, chronic heart problems, and more.

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Jaw-dropping Cotswolds retreat

Lose weight in luxury and comfort

Our gorgeous countryside fitness camp is the best setting for the beginning of your weight loss journey.

Start your transformation surrounded by a sauna, jacuzzi, and indoor pool.