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We treat everyone as an individual at OnTrack. These stories are based on individual experiences, and your experience or results might be different as everyone has their own goals and aspirations. We are here to help you achieve them, and individual results may vary:

See what they have to say…

  • A message from our guests….
  • “Its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made”
  • I enjoyed myself and it is for all ages
  • She loved her time at OnTrack
  • Hear how Jacqui found 3 weeks with the OnTrack team in Devon
  • Juliettes life changing 6 weeks with OnTrack.
  • Mother and daughter, Lulu and Annette came to tackle their weight together.
  • Emma chose 7 weeks with OnTrack to get the support she knew she needed to change her choices and her lifestyle.
  • It’s changed my life even more than I can describe
  • Jon started 2017 by spending 12 weeks with the OnTrack team in Devon. ‘It is lifechanging’
  • Continuing the weight loss journey in the most supportive environment you could ask for.
  • John really feels he has made a great investment in his future
  • Don’t leave it, if you want to make those changes then do it
  • What a fantastic 5 weeks! Well done Lucy!
  • It was better than what I thought it would be
  • It’s wonderful I feel so much better. I have changed my life and Ontrack has enabled that!
  • Doris didn’t think she would be able to keep up.
  • Val had an amazing time with the team in Devon.
  • “One of the best weeks of my life” Martyn
  • Hear how Wendy’s 4 weeks at OnTrack Retreats went…
  • Rach has battle with her weight for years and years.
  • Ontrack has changed my life. I came to find myself, get fitter and lose weight – I have achieved all of those.
  • Toni joined OnTrack feeling extremely nervous.
  • Sarah says it’s worth every penny. Listen to hear why she thinks that.
  • ‘I feel so much more energised and motivated to make changes in my life’
  • Gayna’s transformation story
  • Tracy came to break bad food habits.
  • It was a kick start in reversing my diabetes journey
  • Anne is so glad she made the decision to come along.
  • Listen to why Katie chose OnTrack Retreats for her and her partner..
  • ‘The most fantastic investment I have made to my health’ -Violet
  • Mary achieving so much!
  • Marys review of her stay with the OnTrack team in Devon.
  • Joanna has gained so much more than just weight loss.
  • I have made a life long change
  • David has tackled diabetes with OnTrack
  • It was the best thing I have ever done in my life
  • Alyson says its given her exactly what she needed…
  • Great success at OnTrack
  • Sally flew down from Scotland to spend some time with OnTrack.

These testimonials are the views of the individuals involved. Your views may be different, and results vary person to person – as everyone is different, and everyone is an individual

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Amy said...
Amy said...
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the past four weeks.
Julie said...
Julie said...
Transformed my life inside out
Maya said...
Maya said...
The best and healthiest weight loss program
Pheobe said...
Pheobe said...
feel more confident, fitter and better every day
Stacey said...
Stacey said...
My colleagues commented how much better I look
Yuli said...
Yuli said...
Like leaving family behind
Risti Said...
Risti Said...
Fantastic week, great staff
Aina said...
Aina said...
2 weeks at the OnTrack Retreat was amazing
Rachel said...
Rachel said...
Wow! How great do I feel? Recommend to anyone”
Nail Said...
Nail Said...
The best weight loss experience of my life

Views expressed are those of the individuals. Individual results and views may vary.