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Exciting Boot Camp Holidays Backed by a Proven Programme

OnTrack’s weight loss boot camps have already helped thousands of overweight adults to safely lose weight in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Stay at our bootcamp retreat and we’ll help you…

  • Say goodbye to that stubborn weight that just won’t shift.
  • Meet the fitter, happier, more flexible version of yourself.
  • Craft healthy new habits to help make your progress permanent.
  • Learn to fight emotional eating, bingeing, and snacking.
  • Prevent Type 2 diabetes, chronic heart disease, and more.

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(Probably) The Most Luxurious Boot Camp in the UK

It’s hard to imagine a weight loss boot camp with more amenities.

As you lose weight with our trainers, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to our retreat facilities. Relax after your workout by enjoying:

  • A little pampering in the hydrotherapy spa
  • Some extra exercise in the fully-equipped gym
  • Full-length, indoor swimming pool.
  • Our on-site steam room and dry sauna
  • Heated jacuzzi, open to everyone.
  • Over 550 acres of lush English countryside.

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Our Weight Loss Boot Camp Retreats Have Helped Thousands Get Healthy, Fit, and Flexible Again.

“The best and healthiest weight loss program.”


“Transformed my life inside out”


“The best weight loss experience of my life.”


“Like leaving family behind”


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Science-Backed Routines Adjusted to Your Level

If you’re looking for a weight loss boot camp in the UK where instructors will scream at you, push you too hard, and feed you rabbit food… this is NOT the place for your.

The teams at our UK boot camp holidays are friendly, accommodating, and will adjust each day’s exercises to your level. Feel comfortable, supported, and motivated as you work hard to drop those stubborn kilos.

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A proven boot camp programme

that gets you moving, eating, and learning
The OnTrack programme gets results by focusing on three key areas: activity, nutrition, and education. Or, as OnTrack guest, [NAME], puts it:

“OnTrack isn’t a diet, it’s a complete program of eating well, exercise and education to keep the weight off. They are awesome. OnTrack Changed my life.”


Bootcamp-style exercises adjust to a difficulty level you can manage.


Enjoy three mouthwatering meals each day, prepared by professional chefs.


Optional success seminars help you tackle emotional eating, bingeing, and more

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A few common questions we get asked…

Are OnTrack Weight Loss Holidays like bootcamps?

Far from it. We prefer not to yell at our guests, have them climb ridiculous obstacles, or pretend we’re training for the next world war.

We’re here to get you quick, long-lasting results. Most bootcamps do the opposite, providing short term results that are quickly lost when you return home.

Instead, your program will be delivered in a fun, engaging environment that pushes you just outside your comfort zone and no further.

What if I’m not currently in shape? Will the program still work?

To date, we’ve seen all shapes, sizes, and ability levels at our weight loss boot camps. Everyone loses weight here, regardless of how ‘in shape’ they are (or think they are) at the beginning of their stay.

Learn how our programme adapts to you by requesting a free brochure.

Learn more about our science-based programme by
requesting a free brochure:

or call 0800 689 3104

550 acres of Cotswolds countryside

Lose weight in paradise

Our gorgeous Cotswolds weight loss boot camps are fully-stocked will all the amenities you could ever hope for.

Finish training for the day, then rest your weary body in our heated jacuzzi or on-site spa.