Lose Weight, Drop Inches, and Build a Body You Can Be
Proud of at an Ontrack Weight Loss Holiday in the UK

Come back from holiday fit, healthy, and on the road to permanent change.

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Fun Retreat-Style Holidays Designed to Help
You Lose Weight like Crazy!

OnTrack Retreats have helped people from all over the UK to permanently change their habits and lose weight for good.

Book your own weight loss vacation and begin your own transformation!

  • Finally lose the inches you’ve been working so hard to eliminate.
  • A better life through exercise— get fit, flexible, and energetic again.
  • Form new, healthy habits so you’re less likely to backtrack in the future.
  • No more dangerous, destructive emotional eating episodes.
  • Fight back against chronic heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and more.

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A UK Weight Loss Holiday Designed For You

For anyone who’s been on a diet before, counted every calorie, and still found weight loss impossible, OnTrack’s weight loss vacations are for you.

Work through our proven program in a gorgeous, UK resort packed full of state-of-the-art equipment, facilities, and amenities:

  • Enjoy unrestricted access to our fully-equipped gym
  • Work on your cardio or simply hang out in the indoor pool
  • Pamper yourself in the on-site steam room and sauna
  • Quiet your aching muscles in the hydrotherapy spa
  • Lose yourself in the soothing bubbles of our jacuzzi
  • Get outside! Discover 550 acres of gorgeous UK countryside

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Year After Year, 1000s of ‘OnTrackers’ Transform Themselves at Our UK Weight Loss Holidays. These Are Their Stories…

“The best and healthiest weight loss program.”


“Transformed my life inside out”


“The best weight loss experience of my life.”


“Like leaving family behind”


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No bootcamp drill sergeants, no grueling hours, no sky-high expectations…

The teams at each of our UK-based fitness vacations are all friendly, welcoming, and full of expert knowledge. They’ll help you feel comfortable throughout your exercise routines no matter what level you’re currently at.

No matter if you have pre-existing conditions, restricted mobility, or simply a lot of weight to lose— the experts at our weight loss holidays will help you lose weight and keep it off!

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Free: Request a Brochure to Learn How a Weight Loss Holiday at OnTrack Could Change Your Life

Over the years, our proven weight loss vacations have helped 1000s of people from across the UK to permanently change their lives.
Request a free brochure to learn how!

A 3-Part Program That Helps You

Exercise comfortably, eat regularly, and make permanent change.
OnTrack works by targeting three key areas: your body, your habits, and your mind. It’s not a diet,
it’s comprehensive system designed for maximum results. Or, as OnTrack guest, [NAME], puts it:

“OnTrack isn’t a diet, it’s a complete program of eating well,exercise and education to keep the weight off. They are awesome. OnTrack Changed my life.”

— [NAME]
OnTrack Fat Camps UK

Exercise You’ll Love

Results-based exercise sessions delivered at YOUR level.

We Love to Eat, Too.

Eat regular, delicious meals… NOT rabbit food and green juice.

Success Seminars

Tackle the emotional side of weight gain, fight binge eating, and more.

Curious if an OnTrack Weight Loss Vacations is Right For You?

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A few common questions we get asked…

Are OnTrack Weight Loss Holidays like bootcamps?

Far from it. We prefer not to yell at our guests, have them climb ridiculous obstacles, or pretend we’re training for the next world war.

We’re here to get you quick, long-lasting results. Most bootcamps do the opposite, providing short term results that are quickly lost when you return home.

Instead, your program will be delivered in a fun, engaging environment that pushes you just outside your comfort zone and no further.

What if I’m not currently in shape? Will the program still work?

In a word: yes.

In a longer, fancier word: absolutely.

At OnTrack, our weight loss experts will adjust the day’s activities to YOUR level. No matter how much you have to lose, or what health complications are in the way, we’ll deliver a program that’s tailored to your unique needs.

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Gorgeous Cotswolds Setting

Relax in Luxury as You Change Your Life.

The perfect location for a life-changing vacation, our beautiful Cotswolds country retreat is fully-equipped and ready to support you through your journey.

After a long day of training, unwind in the spa, lap pool, jacuzzi, or sauna.