Lose Weight at a Luxurious UK Health Farm
Designed for All Shapes, Sizes, and Activity Levels

Drop the fat in a supportive environment at our UK health farms

OnTrack’s health farms are the perfect break you need to begin transforming your life.
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A Health Farm Near London That Helps You to Permanently Lose Stubborn Inches.

Designed to burn fat and keep it off, our proven programme works by
adjust exercises to your level no matter your current shape or size.

See how our programme can quickly help you to:

  • Shrink your waistline, drop extra kilos, and keep them off.
  • Built a healthier heart and reduce your diabetes risk.
  • Leave emotional and binge eating in the past.
  • Establish healthy new habits to last you for life.
  • Reclaim your flexibility, energy, and overall fitness.

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World-Class Amenities.

Our Cotswolds health farms are chock-full of luxurious, state-of-the-art amenities.

After a day of training, relax in decadence by enjoying unrestricted access to:

During your stay, you’ll have access to:

  • Clean, spacious, fully-equipped gym.
  • Indoor lap pool for exercise or leisure
  • Therapeutic steam room and dry sauna
  • Luxurious, fully-stocked hydrotherapy spa
  • Calming, heated jacuzzi (hot tub)
  • More than 550 acres of Cotswolds countryside.

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“Transformed my life inside out”


“The best weight loss experience of my life.”


“Like leaving family behind”


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This is Health Farm, NOT a Boot Camp

Unlike a boot camp, you’ll never have to put up with overbearing coaches or impossible workouts. Instead, we believe in safe, sustainable change that doesn’t feel like torture.

From day one, our expert teams will help you feel comfortable as you begin exercising, eating right, and working towards your goals. Each member of the team is friendly, helpful, and interested in seeing you lose weight for good!

Learn what makes OnTrack so much better.

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Lose weight safely

through a proven, 3-part programme

“OnTrack isn’t a diet, it’s a complete program of eating well, exercise and education to keep the weight off. They are awesome. OnTrack Changed my life.”

— [NAME]

You won’t find crazy calorie restriction or insane workouts at our health farms. Instead, you’ll find a systematic, science-based approach that targets the following key areas:

Your Exercises

Get moving, have fun, and start burning fat through light, enjoyable exercise.

Your Meals

Our professional chefs prepare three irresistible meals for you each day.

Your Mind

Learn to battle the dangers of bingeing, emotional eating, and more.

So… are OnTrack’s UK Health Farms the thing for you?

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Common questions we’re often asked…

Are OnTrack Fitness Retreats like bootcamps?

No. A boot camp tends to focus on quick, short-term results that don’t last. They also like to put you through excruciating exercise routines under the guidance of a drill sergeant… that’s not us.

Here, our teams will never shout at you or push you too hard. You’ll lose weight at our health farms by taking part in safe exercise routines that are appropriately difficult and matched with your ability levels.

What if I’m not currently in shape? Will the programme still work?

Of course! OnTrack’s UK health farms use a level-adjusted exercise programme that can be reworked to suit any size, shape, or fitness level. No matter how much weight you have to lose, our programme will work for you.

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Cotswolds Health Farm Break

Get fit in a gorgeous countryside retreat

Start your health farm holiday away from the distractions of modern life. Escape to the quiet solitude of our Cotswolds location, surrounded by rolling green hills and supportive teams.