Enjoy fun workouts at

YOUR fitness level

You want to take part in exercise sessions which are fun and suitable for YOUR fitness level. Yes?

Here at OnTrack we’re not like those other weight loss retreats, bootcamps or TV shows that make you roll tyres around in the mud, or have personal trainers reducing you to tears. It doesn’t work.

All of our OnTrack exercise professionals are of the highest quality in the UK.

Our team are fully qualified and extensively trained in providing safe, enjoyable and effective exercise sessions in a supportive and respectful way.

If you are wanting this approach to your health and wellbeing then we are the best in the UK.

Any program that calls itself a bootcamp will be military training based with aggressive exercise training that shouts at you to do your exercise.

You can be assured that here at OnTrack Retreats we are the leading weight loss professionals in the U.K and we will help you in a kind and supportive way.

This is the OnTrack difference.

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At OnTrack you will..

Enjoy hours of varied exercise classes each day at YOUR fitness level.
Get the best advice with expert and supportive exercise professionals by your side.
Benefit from small groups and personalized attention.
Exercise professionals that will challenge you to take things to a new level – but in a supportive way.
An exercise program you are comfortable with, that gets results at your fitness level whether you are a total beginner or someone who already does exercise.
Learn about fitness and your goals so you can go home feeling confident of keeping the weight off.
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Amazing Results

Exercise At Your Own Level

You also want amazing weight loss and health results. Right?

At OnTrack our exercise program isn’t designed based on a bootcamp gimmick, or TV show. It’s based on what works, and what gets results for the long term.

You will love the exercise classes and you’ll love the transformation in your body and health.

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Are you unfit or new


Do you consider yourself unhealthy or unfit? Or perhaps you have some previous injuries or mobility restrictions that affect you? If so there is no need to worry.

Here at OnTrack Retreats, we welcome many guests just like you every week. Our program is suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Our expert & supportive OnTrack team will be there to support, guide and motivate you at every step of the way towards your health and wellness goals.

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