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The OnTrack Weight Loss and Healthy Living book is a trusted & proven OnTrack book that helps you to lose weight and build a healthier lifestyle.  You will receive the exact weight loss educational information from our actual OnTrack Retreat. Our OnTrack experts will ensure that you succeed with your weight loss and health goals at home.

Develop healthy habits with the education book from our OnTrack weight loss retreats.

World class education in nutrition, exercise and mindset that will get you results.

Stop emotional eating with easy strategies.

Get educated about nutrition and portion sizes.

Identify the triggers that make you over eat and put in place effective strategies to overcome them.

Learn how to get motivated – and stay motivated.

Set and reach the goals that are important to you.

These 150 pages will change your life.

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What a great experience and I would recommend Ontrack to everyone who is thinking of starting on a weight loss and fitness journey for life. Their system works and is a no gimmick straight forward way to live in our world of excess.Thank you Ontrack.

— Sheryl Stevenson

I was definitely feeling off track and was needing some refocus in my life.

OnTrack is the perfect program to get you thinking about your choices and for helping you to gain power over your life. Choose track!

— Rachel Veluto