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Honey- Health benefits

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With so much talk of banning sugar in all forms, could honey be the exception? What are the health benefits of honey and does the good outweigh the bad?

Here’s what the research says…

Manuka honey

With antibacterial properties as a result of the pollen in the specific type of flower the bees feed from, there is evidence that this type of honey can be helpful for wound healing or ulcers when applied topically.

For coughs

There is some promising research showing that buckwheat honey may help reduce night time coughs associated with having a cold.

Cancer fighting

Honey does contain antioxidants, the darker the honey the higher the antioxidant level. In addition some studies have shown improvements in white cell count for those undergoing chemotherapy.

Cold sore fighter

There is some research showing that honey can be helpful in treating coldsores.

For infections and inflammation

Some studies have found that honey can help manage fungal sinus infections, ulcers, mouth sores, stomach bugs, and itching.

Where there isn’t enough evidence to support health claims…

For diabetes, honey is sugar, and excess sugar of any kind is detrimental for good blood sugar control. Honey to lower high cholesterol hasn’t been proven. Using honey to treat symptoms of a common cold besides cough  or allergies haven’t yet been shown to be effective, despite much anecdotal evidence.

Adding honey to your diet just for the sake of being healthy also means extra energy (calories) in the form of sugar, which can lead to weight gain or prevent weight loss. On the flip side, honey tastes quite sweet, so using a smaller quantity of honey to replace regular sugar could actually be a way to reduce energy intake and total sugar intake, for example half a teaspoon of honey in your tea instead of one teaspoon of regular sugar.

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