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March 22, 2018
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March 31, 2018
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A Simple Walk Can Guide Your Weight Loss Journey

Do you feel like weight loss is just hard? Like you don’t know enough, or have enough experience, or have the motivation to reach your goal weight? Going for a walk may just require the same set of skills as losing weight. Don’t believe us? Find out how…

1: Plan your journey

When you decide to go for a walk, you first think about where you are going (goal weight), which road to take (which approach to diet and exercise), and how much time to allow. You want to know that you are going to end up where you want to be at the end of it, that you won’t get lost, and that you aren’t going to have to sprint like an Olympic athlete to get there in time.

The same applies to weight loss- you want to have a clear vision for your final goal, a plan for how you can achieve it, and a sensible timeline that allows you to lose weight at a rate that is sustainable.

2: Equipment

What are you going to need to take with your on your walk? What is essential, and what would just make the journey more interesting, enjoyable, or satisfying? You might take a water bottle, FitBit, headphones for music for example.

Your weight loss journey works the same way- you might keep a food diary, stock up your pantry with healthy foods, get hold of a collection of tasty and healthy recipes. These will make the process of losing weight less stressful, easier, and more enjoyable.

3: Motivation to push through

When you feel the urge to turn back on your walk, it can help to keep the end goal in mind. Are there spectacular views where you are going? Would you feel disappointed for not making it? You muster up a little more motivation and build mental strength each time you push through and keep going a little further.

The same applies to weight loss- you’ll come across barriers that make you want to quit or stop for a little while. Thinks like being tired, feeling stressed, peer pressure, self-doubt. Working on mental strategies that allow you to simply notice the urge to fall off the wagon but then push through and make healthy choices instead is a skill worth developing.

4: The payoff at the end

The satisfaction that comes with knowing that you have reached your goal, that despite the urge to turn back, despite feeling uncomfortable or tired you put mind over matter and pushed through… is there anything like it?

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