How to Keep Losing Weight while Travelling
How to Keep Losing Weight while Travelling
March 18, 2018
A Simple Walk Can Guide Your Weight Loss Journey
A Simple Walk Can Guide Your Weight Loss Journey
March 22, 2018

It’s coming up to Easter, and we all know what that means. Chocolate! With so many options for yummy treats being offered, the kids Easter eggs sitting in your pantry staring at you in the face, and the never ending social events, how on earth can you be expected to not gain weight, let alone lose it!

1: Plan to Indulge

If you want to indulge a little at Easter time, then you absolutely can! The trick is to plan your treats. Choose a portion that won’t totally blow out your calorie count, make sure you have the time to spend savouring it (i.e. you aren’t rushed, stressed, or distracted), and choose a day when you are able to be a little more active during the day and choose a slightly lighter meal for lunch or dinner. Reinforced

2: Eat before you go

The fast track to overindulgence is turning up to a party hungry. The best way to avoid overeating while at a social function is to make sure that you have eaten a healthy and filling meal before you arrive. The last thing you need is to be fighting the chemical processes in your body that are signalling your brain to eat, and to eat sugar and fat.

Cravings and temptation are so much easier to resist when you are feeling full and satisfied. You may find that you are quite happy to sip on a soda water or a cup of tea while you chat with friends or co-workers, and happily pass up the calorie laden party food options with this strategy.

3: Keep temptation out of sight

Make sure that if you do have any Easter treats in your home, that they aren’t in your line of vision. Keep them either on your lowest or highest shelf or in a hidden compartment in the fridge. You won’t notice them every time you go for a glass of water, and won’t have to exhibit monumental control multiple times a day.

If you yourself have been given gifts in the form of Easter treats, you could be super generous and offer these to neighbours, friends, grandkids. You get to feel good about giving someone special something they will enjoy, while at the same time you won’t fall into the habit of frequent treats.

If you find that you really struggle with overcoming cravings, you could benefit from attending one of our weight loss retreats which include mindset workshops where you learn about your triggers and eating behaviours. You can learn to develop a healthier mindset on your 1-12 week stay with us!

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