Bad knees? 5 Workarounds
Bad knees? 5 Workarounds
March 16, 2018
Easter = Weight Loss Disaster
Easter = Weight Loss Disaster?
March 22, 2018

When travelling, it’s expected to gain weight because of all the delicious food that you will want to try while on your trip. Whether it be a personal trip or a business trip, being busy shouldn’t be an excuse to forget about making healthy choices.

You can break that traditional weight gain while travelling stigma if you are willing to put these few simple tips into action while you travel.

Pack snacks for your bag

One of the things you can do is bring healthy snacks with you. Some good ones are apple slices, greek yogurt, granola bars or any weight loss-friendly snacks. This way, you can resist opting for tempting foods like burger combos or any heavy-calorie foods while out and about.

Find healthy airport food

Another way is to find healthy food options at the airport. It may be hard because airports nowadays are dominated by fast-food chains and cafes serving convenient but sodium-packed foods. But there are still some restaurants out there that include healthy options in their menus so make sure you look out for these instead of settling for a burger and chips.

Avoid jet lag sugar cravings

This problem has been notorious for travellers but there are some ways to get around it.

The first thing is to try and stay hydrated, but be sure to avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages as these will further dehydrate you. Check when you will land in your new time zone. If you arrive at night time, take some foods that will help you prepare for sleep. Take sweets out of the equation and opt for salads instead. If you arrive during the day, consume lots of fresh veggies or fruits rather than sweets along with some lean protein to help keep your body on the go.

Find ways to stay active

An essential part of losing weight while on a trip is to schedule some kind of exercise routine when you arrive at your destination. It will be easy because there will always be a place to jog or walk and you can check out your new surrounds. If you can afford to stay in a hotel with a gym or a swimming pool, then don’t hesitate and do it!

Travelling offers incredible experiences and memories so don’t hold yourself back because of the fear you’ll gain weight during the trip. There’s always a way to lose weight while travelling, or at least keep your body at the level you want it to be. You just have to be consistent and make healthy choices.  Don’t forget to incorporate these tips into your next trip.

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