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Healthy Hashbrowns
December 4, 2017
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Healthy Christmas Pudding
December 14, 2017

Do you think that getting a massage is just an indulgent pastime – a pleasure rather than a necessity?

We frequently spend time bent over or in one position, working on a computer, or driving long distances, and our muscles start to cramp and tense. This can cause lower back pain, shoulder strain, and general discomfort.

You may already know that regular massage can offer great benefits to your health and energy levels. What you may not know is that that massage can help improve your ability to work out too. In fact, massage isn’t just a luxury you treat yourself to on a day at the spa. It can also boost your workouts and help you get the results you want.

Physical Effects

Studies suggest that regular massage reduces the production of cytokines, compounds which cause inflammation in the body. Massage may also boost mitochondria growth. The mitochondria in the muscles are the power houses of the body. They use oxygen and the nutrients of food we intake to generate energy needed by the cells. As muscle cells become adapted to heavy workout, the number of mitochondria increases.

Psychological Effects

According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), massage acts to increase athletic performance, ease pain, avoid injury, improve concentration and shorten recovery time. These benefits also include reducing strain, stress, pressure, and anxiety while promoting relaxation in the nervous system.  A relaxed, lowered-tension state helps you focus, a good thing to have before going into any sport, an exercise or activity.

Treat Yourself

Are you feeling tired after a hard workout and you feel you want to quit? Well, it’s time to reward yourself. Doing something that is just for yourself, and not for anyone else acts as a positive reinforcement for your continued efforts to get fit.

On a very basic level, being fit and taking time to do something for yourself can improve self-confidence and improve positive self-image. Regardless of your current weight or body shape, exercise can help generate more positive attitudes towards your body and your ability to set yourself challenges and to achieve them.

Did you know…

Many guests who have attended our weight loss retreats have reported that one of the most helpful services offered as an extra in the program was the massage. You can check out the services included as well as extras to help you make more progress here.

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