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June 20, 2016
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Managing diabetes is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Sugar free? Low carb? Organic? Clean eating? The guests who come to our weight loss retreats tell us how confusing all the contradictory advice is. Let us help…

We help 100’s of people with diabetes every year transform their eating habits – many of whom report massive improvements in their Diabetes – so here are our top tips!

1: Carbohydrates aren’t the bad guy

Carbohydrates are any foods that break down into sugar once digested. Most foods contain some amount carbohydrate (except for a few like meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and nuts).

We need sugar, or glucose, as it is the fuel of choice for our muscles, organs, and brain. If we understand that carbohydrates are in fact essential, we can have a much healthier approach to our diet.

2: Get your carbohydrate portions right

Instead of trying to go sugar free, we should aim to get in moderate amounts of carbohydrate, evenly spaced throughout the day, and choose the low GI types which offer more sustained energy levels.

One carbohydrate serve =15g, roughly what is in a slice of bread. Main meals should be 3-4 carb serves, and mid meals should be 1-2 serves. Space them a few hours apart.

It can be hard to get into good habits and the guests at our retreat often tell us that time away from friends, family and temptation (like at a retreat) really helps them reset their habits and get control of their eating habits and sugar levels.

3: Understand your medication

Diabetes medication will work to make your body better at removing sugar from the blood through the action of Insulin. Tablets may improve the action of insulin, make your body produce more insulin, or both.

Similar effects can often be seen from making the right lifestyle changes. To reduce or eliminate the need for diabetes medication, work towards a healthy weight, exercise 30-60 mins at least 5 days a week, and avoid high GI carbohydrates. Shane from one of our weightloss retreats (OnTrack retreats) couldn’t believe the improvement he saw in his blood sugars after just a few weeks.

It’s quite amazing to see the effects just a few days of eating well and exercising can have on those with Type 2 Diabetes. At our retreats we help many guests get into healthier habits and many are able to significantly reduce their need for medication (with their Doctors advice of course) after getting into new healthy habits after a stay at the retreat.

In the words of one of our guests…

“Since completing the program here on OnTrack, my blood pressure is down, my diabetes is in control, my sugar level is really good, I stopped the medication that I used to be on. My doctor was really happy, and so am I. And I have confidence about going forward and looking after myself the way that I know I need to.”

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