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Reset your metabolism


If you have tried and tried to lose weight, and it seems to just keep getting harder (if not impossible), your slow metabolism could be from one of these reasons…

You’re getting older

The older you get, the more your metabolism slows down. This is especially noticeable in women after menopause. You are also more likely to gain weight around your midsection instead of other areas, which increases your health risks.


Eating large meals (or taking in a lot of calories in one sitting) can cause large amounts of insulin to be released which then increases body fat storage. Add in the suppression of growth hormone, which plays a large role in metabolism, and you have a recipe for weight gain.

Yoyo dieting

Periods of strict dieting cause your body to think you are starving, and so your metabolism slows to conserve energy as a survival mechanism. When you go off your diet, your metabolism stay lower so you are able to store up body fat in anticipation of the next time of famine.


Not only does feeling stressed slow your metabolism, but it also increases insulin levels (so higher rates of fat storage), and makes you more likely to go for high sugar comfort foods.

How can I reset my metabolism?

There are a few ways to get things back on track.

1: Eat smaller, more frequent meals which include protein and wholegrain high fibre carbohydrates which require more energy to digest.

2: De-stress: mediation, breathing exercises, or going for a walk work well

3: Do weights training: the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism.

4: Exercise in the morning- your metabolism will stay elevated for hour afterwards!


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