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Do you just LOVE food? Does it give you the ultimate pleasure to take a bite of something that is truly phenomenal, so full of flavour, complexity, and texture? Do you just adore trying new things, experiencing new things, and enjoying quality meals with friends of family?

You probably wouldn’t associate a weight loss meal plan with living a foodie lifestyle, but if enjoying really good food is one of the great pleasures you enjoy in life, then here are some ways that you can enjoy incredible meals while still losing weight.

Quality over quantity

5-star dining is all about incredible quality and flavour. Can you remember a time where you ordered a dessert at a restaurant, and while initially you may have felt disappointed with the tiny portion being presented to you, once you took one bite your senses were overtaken by the incredible interaction of the different flavours working together. Each morsel was so complex, so satisfying that you wanted to savour every last bit. You found that you slowed down, took your time, and truly enjoyed it. In the end, you felt more satisfied than you ever would have expected.

Creative cooking

The great thing about fostering a love of cooking is that you can create the most magnificent meals, made from the freshest ingredients, cooked just the way you like, and usually at a fraction of the price. You can try something new every night if you want, and experiment with substituting some ingredients for healthier alternatives. Find creative ways to include more fresh non-starchy vegetables in your meals. Test out healthy preparation methods like oven baking, steaming, grilling, or frying in a non-stick pan.

Better options

Chances are that is you are eating out, with a little bit of good judgement you can make better choices in your meals to choose healthier options. Avoiding deep-fried dishes, and choosing vegetable based ones with a form of lean protein, and opting for an entree size instead of a main meal size accompanied by steamed vegetables or a salad lets you experience delicious food in a lighter way.

Light days

If you do want to indulge, then go ahead and do so! Choose foods that you adore, have them regularly enough that you don’t feel like you are depriving yourself, and then simply opt for a few lighter meals and a little more physical activity in the follow-up.

Planned splurges as part of your weight loss plan are a wonderful way to enjoy foods that you just love, while still losing weight. Having some great recipes on hand for healthy soups or salads, vegetable juices, or other lighter options are a great way to balance things out.

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