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July 27, 2016
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Hydrotherapy workout

IMG_0760 (1)Warm water and weightlessness- the perfect workout for sore joints and tight muscles. Below is an easy workout you can do in 15 minutes, to loosen up and get strong.

Warm up/cool down:

Walk laps up and down the pool, pushing against the resistance of the water for 3 minutes, then turn sideways and side step up and down the pool, facing the same direction so you step to the left on your way up, and step to the right on your way back.


Complete thirty seconds of each exercise, with a thirty second break in between. If your fitness level is lower use this time to get your breath back, if you are a little fitter, you can walk slow laps in between sets.

1: High knees

Lift your left knee up in front of you as high as you can, then lower back to the ground, and next lift your left knee. Continue to alternate lifting left and right knees.

2: Side kicks

Lean your upper body slightly to the left, and kick your right leg out to the right, bending your right knee and then extending it to straight as you kick. Repeat for the left leg and continue to alternate left and right.

3: Floating kicks

Hold onto the edge of the pool and let your legs float up behind you so you are almost horizontal on the water, and then kick your straight legs for thirty seconds.

4: Leg curls

Stand on your left foot and keeping your knees together, bend your right knee and lift your foot up as high behind you as you can. Bring feet back together on the ground and swap to curl the left leg. Repeat, alternating left and right.

5: Punch it out

As easy as it sounds, alternating left and right punches in front of you, but sink down so that you are punching underwater.

6: Uppercuts

Turn your closed fist so the back of your hands face away from you, and alternate arms swooping your fist up from beside your hip to up in front of your face.

7: Star jumps

Jump both legs out and at the same time bring your hands up over hour head. Jump both feet back in and bring your arms back down to just above the water at your sides. Repeat for thirty seconds.


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