5 Tips to Get Motivation to Workout
5 Tips to Get Motivation to Workout
April 23, 2018
Going Vegetarian for Weight Loss_
Going Vegetarian for Weight Loss?
April 25, 2018

Obviously, dieting and exercising are the most popular path to losing weight. But not everyone who’s tried has reached their goals, instead, they failed (sometimes spectacularly) and ended up regaining their weight, plus some.

But why?

It could be the whole concept of being on a “diet” that creates the wrong mindset for long-term weight loss. Instead, focusing on simple lifestyle changes over time may be much more sustainable and help you enjoy your life in the process of losing weight.

1. Never skip breakfast

Skipping breakfast makes you more prone to overeating later on. So the trick is to always eat breakfast that offers moderate lean protein to keep you full, fibre to help you feel satisfied for longer and low GI whole grain carbs for sustained energy.

2. Re-evaluate your lunch and dinner meal portions

If you are having a substantial breakfast, you may find that you are quite content with lighter options at lunch and dinner. Work to gradually reduce your protein or carb portions at these meals and instead bulk them up with salad or non-starchy vegetables.

3. Keep tempting foods out of sight

Take tempting snacks and treats out of your fridge and pantry, instead, stock up on some alternatives like almonds, fresh fruit, vegetable sticks and hummus, low sugar yoghurt or healthy homemade healthy fruit or savoury muffins. In short, make it easy for yourself to choose healthy options.

4. Practice eating more greens

Find ways to get more fresh greens into your diet. Spinach with your eggs on toast. Oven baked kale “chips.” Rocket in casseroles. Lettuce in wraps or sandwiches. Plenty of fresh herbs in your cooking.

5. Embrace a healthy lifestyle

Embrace your new routine and make a lifestyle change out of it that you plan to continue forever. Let go of short-term mentality, and start being strategic. Gradual lifestyle changes and regular physical activity may produce slower weight loss, but you will be happy to continue with these changes for a long time, and won’t be feeling deprived.

Sometimes staying on track, having a solid mindset and a willingness to commit to a new healthy lifestyle can help you trim a few pounds slowly but surely.

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