The Best Diet for Weight Loss
The Best Meal Plan for Weight Loss
April 17, 2018
Great ideas to lose weight safely and healthily
Great Ideas to Lose Weight Safely and Healthily
April 25, 2018

Making fitness a part of your daily routine can be hard. Things like bad weather, a bad day, social engagements, or the allure of the couch and a really good show. But it’s funny how when a friend invites us out to do something fun, we drum up the energy to get dressed and head out of the house.

So it’s probably not that we are not capable of finding the time or energy, but rather that we are struggling to find the motivation to do something that is uncomfortable or that we find difficult, or just plain don’t enjoy.

Here are some workout motivation tips that can really help you.

1. Start really, really slow

Don’t push yourself too hard. If you start too fast and push yourself too hard when you first start your fitness journey, you might end up hurting yourself physically… as well as mentally. Ever been to a brutal boot camp style training session where you were yelled at and couldn’t walk for days afterwards? Bet you swore you would never sign yourself up for something so traumatic ever again? We hear ya!

Walking is a great start, then over time slowly change the pace until you find yourself power walking, or ever eventually adding in some short jogging sprints during your walk. Remember that getting fit takes time, so take it easy to start with and build up your fitness gradually.

2. Force yourself to wear workout clothes

Sometimes the simple act of putting on your workout clothes – especially your runners- is enough to nudge you towards walking out the door and getting active. You would feel a little silly getting dressed just to get changed again without at least going for a short stroll.

3. Buy new workout apparels and accessories

Sometimes, if our clothes and shoes are uncomfortable, unflattering, or just plain old, there’s simply no appeal in putting them on. If you find exercise to be less than enjoyable, why not find ways to make it more appealing. Sometimes some soft stretchy new workout gear that you feel good in, a great new workout playlist on Spotify, or a fitness tracker can just add a little bit more fun to your fitness session.

4. Cut the boredom

Whether it’s music, a great podcast, an audiobook, or a friend to chat to while you workout. If you find exercise is boring, find creative ways to make it more stimulating. You may even find that you start to look forward to your workouts where you get a little bit of me time in the midst of the chaos of everyday life and all your responsibilities.

5. Imagine your success

When you are about to give up, imagine your successful weight loss and changed body shape to a stronger, leaner, and healthier version of you. Remember how it feels to be unhappy with your weight and feel unfit and tired, and promise yourself that you will never go back to feeling that way again. Pay attention to how much better you feel when you exercise regularly, and how much more energy you have.

Finding the motivation to workout regularly is obviously hard and sometimes can be as gruelling as the workout itself, but if you will just work hard and continuously visualize the achievements you can get, you will realize that all the times you had to push yourself to get to the gym along the way are all worth it.

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