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Why You Should Drink Water
February 16, 2018
The Right Exercise for Your Body
The Right Exercise for Your Body
February 20, 2018

It happens to all of us. We hit a plateau and get frustrated. Or we give into a craving. Maybe we just slip back into old habits.

Whatever the reason, our weight loss plan has gone out the window and we are left feeling annoyed with ourselves and guilty.So what do we do in a situation like this?

Give up

…Not on losing weight, but on that old nasty habit of beating yourself up! Feeling ashamed, weak, or frustrated with yourself is going to get you absolutely nowhere when it comes to long term weight loss.

Instead, give up those negative thought patterns and bring yourself back to whats happening right now. What positive choices can you make in this moment.

Can you go for a walk? Fantastic. Can you pack a healthy lunch for tomorrow? Great work. Can you drink a full glass of water? All progress. Forget the slip ups, focus on what is in your control right now then pat yourself on the back for it.

Figure out your trigger

When the dust has settled a little, and you are in a better headspace, reflect on what triggered you to make those unhealthy choices. Was it skipping a meal? Being stressed or upset? Boredom? Were you tired?

Figuring out why can help you figure out how to prevent it happening again. Putting together some strategies for more helpful behaviours in response to this trigger can be a great idea.

For example- when triggered by stress, doing a 15 minute yoga session in your living room could be a lot more productive and positive than comfort eating.

Check your changes

Sometimes we change too many things too fast, or set up unreasonable standards for ourselves. Consider the changes you have made lately, and if you are being too strict with yourself or changing too much too soon.

Focus on a few big ticket items and work on those, and each week find a few new improvements to make instead of relying on superhuman motivation levels in changing your entire life in a week.

If you find your weight loss plan just isn’t working for you no matter what you do, check out our proven program and see how a stay at one of our retreats could be the long term solution you have been looking for.

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