multivitamins do you need them
Multivitamins… worth the investment?
June 9, 2017
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June 9, 2017

It can be incredibly difficult to make permanent healthy changes. Much of the time the foods that are part of a healthy diet look unappetising, bland, and like a lot of work to prepare. The same goes with exercise, it seems like the sheer will required to not only just get started, but actually make it through an entire workout is more than you can handle!

What we know about making changes is that things will seem hard initially, and require a lot of effort, but this only lasts for a short amount of time. Here’s why you should fake it until you make it, and reap the benefits later.

1: Healthy foods grow on you

I know what you thinking. A piece of Kale is NEVER going to grow on me. But hear me out. Once you make the switch it healthier foods, your taste buds change and so does your body cravings. along with a wonderful array of bright colours natural fruit and vegies are great tasting and will have you switching to kale chips in no time at all.

2: It doesn’t take long to overcome your baseline level of being unfit

One of the best (worst) things about being unfit that you’re already starting out at the hardest point- its all uphill from here. Literally. You will find that in no time at all your getting up that hill quicker and easier than before! Right down your first workout. Time, reps ect. Then see if you can beat it the next week.

3: Your energy levels start to improve with less salt, sugar, fat and better nutrition

You know that great, energetic feeling you get after a big burger and chips with soft drink? Me either. But once you start cutting down on salt, sugar and bad fats you stop feeling that nasty brain fog and lethargy. That’s because you body isn’t using all its energy just trying to break down your last meal.

4: Exercise is a mood stabiliser and makes you capable of greater willpower

Sounds crazy right? Exercise can give you will power? But think about it. It’s all about how you decide to view your work out. How long it will go, how hard you will hit it, and IF you will give up. Will you give up? No, and that has a roll-on into everyday life. You will start to feel calmer and notice things don’t affect you the way they use to.

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