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October 28, 2016
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October 31, 2016
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You can’t do it alone


If you want to maximise the chances of success with weight loss, it turns out that there is a winning combination, and it all comes down to the support you have!

If you have tried to lose weight in the past, and have struggled, or found that you regained the weight, check out the three factors that seem to give you the best chance at succeeding this time…

Group hug anyone?

Joining a weight loss group vs. trying to go solo (even with professional help) in a number of different studies has been shown to produce better weight loss results in terms of total weight loss, as well as keeping weight off in the long term.

You are an individual

Secondly, weight loss programs that offer personalised attention and support from experts such as nutritionists, trainers, and counsellors, as compared to less personal weight loss programs such as those that aren’t face to face have been found to produce better results as well.

Your social circle

Thirdly, having the support of family and friends to help make you feel supported in achieving your weight loss goals is invaluable. Studies found that the greatest effect was seen in weight loss programs when friends of family completed the program together, with much higher rates of keeping weight off in the long term.

Putting the pieces together

These studies really help to explain the reasons that our weight loss retreats are so effective at not only short term results, as well as being effective in the long term. Curious?

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