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July 16, 2016
Can’t lose weight? Your environment could be to blame.
July 25, 2016
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When weight loss isn’t the point of losing weight.

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Did you know that one of the most common reasons for giving up on your weight loss goals is seeing no change on the scales? In fact, relying on weight measurements may be one of the least important things you should be tracking.

Learn what should be included in your weight loss diary here:


Did you initially feel tired, have mood swings, headaches, difficulty concentrating, or energy levels through the floor? Tracking your mood over time can show gradual but noticeable improvements in all of these, with many of our guests reporting this improved within days, not months- so don’t underestimate how quickly making healthy changes at home can get you feeling good!

Joint pain

Whether it’s pain from old injuries, muscle soreness after workouts, or little aches and niggles that come with every day life, if you track your pain you will know whether the improvements in muscular strength from working out is resulting in better supported joints, and therefore less pain. And this can happen whether you drop weight or not.

Medical results

What improvements have you seen in your blood test results for cholesterol, or blood sugars? When your doctor measured your waist circumference had it decreased? How about your blood pressure? Changes in diet and physical activity can improve your health, even without changes in weight.


What did your digestion used to be like? Did you suffer from bloating, constipation, cramping pain, or indigestion? Have these improved? Healthy eating often involves an increased intake of fibre, pre/probiotics, water, and even some herbal teas which can all have regulatory or soothing effects on digestion.

How do your clothes fit?

If your weight hasn’t moved much, but your clothes fit better, you’ve dropped a dress size, or taken notches in on your belt, chances are you’ve built up muscle mass and lost body fat. Muscle is heavier, so it’s not uncommon to see you looking leaner even if the scales say otherwise, if you’ve been physically active on a regular basis that is.

How are you sleeping?

Maybe it’s falling asleep easier, sleeping deeper, or waking up feeling more refreshed? Reductions in caffeine (which happens when you have better natural energy), exercise, and less stress (maybe you’ve been more productive) can all improve sleep.

How is your confidence?

Do you feel better about the way you look? Do you have more faith in yourself being able to set a plan and stick to it? Do you feel proud of all you have done and accomplished? Here’s the ultimate measure of success. You’ve done an amazing job, and you know it, keep up the good work!

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