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When your whole focus is on losing weight, on hitting your weight loss targets each week, on seeing the number on the scales go down… it’s easy to get discouraged. Sometimes things happen that are out of your control. Hormonal changes can cause fluid retention. Dehydration can make it look like you’ve lost weight but you haven’t. Inflammation, or being sick, or eating salty foods can all affect your weight. And sometimes, even if you do absolutely everything right, you just hit a plateau.

How frustrating! How discouraging! You’ve worked so hard, exercised every day, eaten like a rabbit, avoided temptation, and the payoff? Nothing! Might as well just go back to how you were eating before, at least you got some enjoyment out of life, right?

And this kind of thinking is exactly why it’s so common that people “fall off the wagon” in weight loss. So what can we do to change our habits for good, where weight loss is a natural consequence, but isn’t the one and only focus?

Think healthy thoughts

When you decisions are ruled by “am I becoming healthier through this?” instead of “will this make me lose weight?” that opens you up to a whole new world. When all of your actions are working towards the goal of you being the healthiest, strongest, fittest, and the most energetic person you can be, everything you do can be a win.

No longer will your self-worth be determined by a number on the scales once a day or week or month. Every time you choose to eat a healthy meal or snack you’ve gotten closer to your goal. Every time you take the stairs instead of the elevator you are getting fitter. Every time you drink a glass of water or eat a homemade meal packed full of nutritious healthy whole ingredients, you are boosting your energy levels.

When you give yourself a little pat on the back every time you make a healthy choice, your whole day will be filled with positive experiences. Doesn’t that sound like a more enjoyable way to live life?

The consequence

The more you set yourself goals to be as healthy as you can be, the more information you will accumulate on what it means to be healthy. The more healthy unprocessed foods and fresh fruit and vegetables you include in your diet, the more weight you will lose. These foods are naturally less calorie concentrated and pair this with burning off a few more calories with increased physical activity, and you’ll notice your clothes feeling looser in no time.

If you already feel you live a healthy lifestyle and the weight simply won’t shift, consider joining us at one of our weight loss retreats. There may be strategies you hadn’t considered before that help you get the weight off, and keep it off for good.

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