Foods for Healthier Joints
Foods for Healthier Joints
April 25, 2018
Gut health checkup
Gut Health Checkup
April 25, 2018

The gym is the first place many of us look to when we are considering losing weight. They are convenient, fairly affordable, and have all the equipment you need. But do you need to join a gym in order to get fit?

Running is a fantastic form of cardio that offers wonderful health benefits, and is an effective way to burn calories. Think running is out of the question?

Walking could be a good start

Start with walking to get used to your new routine. As you walk include some short jogs or sprints, building up to longer sprints over time. This way, your body will slowly adapt to your new workout program.

Running can be done anywhere

You can go running almost anywhere, even in a swimming pool! Try underwater running to challenge yourself. If joint pain occurs, try jogging laps up and down the pool or you can even try deep water running using a floatation device to keep you above water. Many local pools offer classes, equipment included.

Running indoors is possible

If the gym isn’t your thing, or if you are uncertain about the weather, you can run using a treadmill that you purchase or rent. High-quality treadmills can help absorb the impact on muscles and joints as compared to running on the street. They are also very convenient and save you a car trip.

Invest in a cross trainer machine if possible

If you can afford to buy a cross trainer machine, it can be a fantastic alternative to using a treadmill. Cross trainer share similar health benefits with running, but without producing an impact on muscles and joints as your feet hit the ground. A cross trainer machine offers motions similar to cross-country skiing, running and stair climbing, incorporating both upper and lower body exercises making it more optimal for weight loss and fitness.

Running offers many more health benefits such as boosting your mood, strengthening your bones and burning substantial amounts of calories. So make running part of your fitness lifestyle and enjoy the positive effects it could bring to you!

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