Run Your Way to Fitness
Run Your Way to Fitness
April 25, 2018
5 tips to lose weight
5 Simple Steps to Weight Loss
May 9, 2018

Did you know that there is an increasing body of evidence that the health of your gut bacteria plays a huge role in your health overall? And not just your physical health, but your psychological health as well.

Find out why you should be taking care of your gut health as part of your weight loss strategy…

Mental health

Depression, stress, anxiety, and even how well you sleep have all been linked to gut microbiota. Funnily enough, emotional or stress eating have a huge impact on your weight. Stress hormones make you store more body fat and make it harder to lose weight. Inadequate or poor quality sleep makes you more likely to overeat, experience cravings, and handle stress more poorly.


Where it used to be assumed that if you would it impossible to lose weight, that it was probably just down to your genetics, there is evidence that the type of gut bacteria you have can impact your weight. Certain types of bacteria are more efficient at breaking down food so that we can absorb the nutrients and calories, others as less efficient and food passes out of our system undigested. Can you see how this would affect your weight?


Healthy gut bacteria can alleviate food intolerances and allergies such as gluten, FODMAP and dairy. Less pain, discomfort, and more freedom with foods eaten can help improve quality of life and decrease stress hormones circulating. And as we know, the less stress, the better our bodies are at losing weight.

How to improve gut bacteria

Probiotics, prebiotics, eating lots of healthy fresh fruit and vegetables including skin and seeds. Eat more whole grains and less processed carbs. Eat more nuts, seeds, and legumes. Eat yoghurt and fermented foods. Lastly, reduce or eliminate alcohol.

It can take months to notice a difference, but improving the health of your gut is no longer just a strategy for those with intolerances, but could actually be an important part of weight loss strategy.

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