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June 12, 2017
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June 22, 2017

Who, on this planet, doesn’t love ice cream? Well… what if there was a way to use ice cream as a way to help you lose weight?

Or to be more precise, the process of making ice cream as your inspiration for your next workout.

Check it out below…

Step 1: The right ingredients

The base ingredients (milk, cream etc.) + something to sweeten it up + a stabiliser (to give it substance) + an emulsifier (to keep it an even consistency).

In this case, the base ingredient that we are working with is… you!

Something to sweeten up your workout could be a high energy playlist, a reward at the end of it all, or a friend to workout with you.

The stabiliser will be a healthy low GI snack in the hour before your workout, so that you have the fuel to give your workout everything you have and not run out of steam.

The emulsifier will be a workout plan that spaces out higher intensity sets with lower intensity sets so that you can recover in between and last the whole workout.

Step 2: Blend the ingredients

A little bit of planning can go a long way, so what will you need to do before your workout so that all of your vital ingredients can come together. So you need to add a new playlist to iTunes? Organise a time that works for your friend and yourself? Pack a healthy snack to eat after work so you are ready to exercise?

Step 3: Pasteurise the milk

In other words, heat things up- you muscles that is. A warm up is absolutely vital to make sure that your body is ready for more intense exercise, and to prevent injury. Aim for at least 5-10 mins of low intensity exercise.

Step 4: Homogenise the mixture

This means that the ice cream is smooth and creamy with a uniform consistency. In this case, that means making sure you work out each muscle group in your body rather than just focusing on glutes, or legs. Your core, chest, arms, and back should be just as important.

Step 5: Let it sit

Giving the mixture time to rest a little makes it so much better. The same goes with recovery time in between workouts. If it’s cardio 24 hours is fine, but if you’ve thrown in some resistance training it is best to give it 48 hours to let your muscles heal and prepare for the next bout.

Step 6: Add flavours

And mix it up! You’d get bored if you had vanilla every day, same as you would get bored with the same workout all the time. Try different types like tennis, swimming, cycling, yoga, pilates, boxing, dancing, and aerobics.

Step 7: Freeze

Instead of increasing your exercise intensity or duration each week, every few weeks put a hold on things and give yourself a “recovery week” where you don’t increase, but just stay at the intensity you are at for a second week, or even take it back a step. This acts to allow your muscles to recover and repair so much better, and results in better long term fitness and toning results.

We hope you’ve found a fun new way to think about your workouts, and got some valuable tips on making the most of your exercise.

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