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May 7, 2017
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May 7, 2017

We know that HIIT- or high intensity interval training- gives maximum results in the shortest amounts of time. There is a reason it is so popular for weight loss programs. But what happens when pain is preventing you from taking part in such full on workouts?

The adapted HIIT training session for joint pain. So lets jump straight into how to adapt your workout and get fantastic results, without wanting to scream in pain the whole time!

The back story

In order to minimise joint pain, you will do a more extended warm up and cool down than a traditional HIIT session. You will also be doing low impact exercises to prevent forces from gravity, your weight, or jarring adding extra pressure on joints.

The session

Time: 30 minutes

What you need: Comfortable supportive workout clothes and shoes, space to move, heart rate monitor if you have one, fit ball, resistance band, light hand weights, and clearance from your doctor to exercise.

Structure: 10 minute warmup, 10 mins exercise, 10 minute cool down.

Exercises: Repeats of 30 seconds of high intensity exercise, followed by 15 seconds of lower intensity exercise.

Warm up

Warm up/cool down should be some low intensity exercise such as walking, or cycling on a stationary bike along with some light stretching.

The main session

The following exercises show a higher impact exercise that might be pat of a HIIT session, and then the adaptations to make if you would experience joint pain doing that exercise.

HIGH INTENSITY: 30 seconds, repeat twice

1: Original: Sprints

New exercise: High knees, elliptical machine, straight leg lifts, walking on the spot, or step ups on a low step.

2: Original: Burpees

New exercise: Plank, squats, mountain climbers, or lunges.

3: Original: Punching bag- jab, cross, front

New exercise: Air punching- jab, cross, front

4: Original: Jumping jacks

New exercise: Step outs with overhead arm extensions, jumping jacks in a pool.

5: Original: Push ups (floor)

New exercise: Wall/bench pushups

6: Original: Running glute kicks

New exercise: Standing glute kicks with a bounce

7: Original: Sit ups

New exercise: Seated straight back knee lifts

8: Original: Rowing machine

New exercise: Light resistance band rowing

9: Original: Rowing machine

New exercise: Light resistance band rowing, one armed row with light weight

10: Original: Skipping

New exercise: Fit ball step out with low slow arm circles

LOWER INTENSITY: 15 seconds, in between higher intensity exercises.

Walking on the spot, stepping side to side, fit ball bounces, stretches, stationary bike, heel touches etc. Gentle ways to keep moving but let your heart rate come down in between the more intense exercises.

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