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There are plenty of ways to get in fluids without drinking plain water, but the problem is that many of these come packed with added sugar. So how can you get in your eight glasses a day if you can’t stand the taste of water? Glad you asked..

Herbal tea- not just for tea

Fruit flavoured caffeine free teas, lemon and ginger tea, liquorice tea, camomile, all great choices for adding a little bit of flavour to your fluids. You can have them hot, or brew up a batch and then let it cool, add ice for a chilled drink, or even freeze into ice blocks!


Did you know that two to three glasses of milk a day will meet your dairy requirements for the day, plus milk is a great hydrator! It is particularly effective as a pre or post exercise drink, as it contains both carbohydrate and protein required for muscle recovery.

Lemon or lime juice

A squeeze can add such a zesty flavour boost to water, transforming it from boring to delicious! Fresh slices in a large water jug you keep in the fridge, or a little squirt of juice in your drink bottle. Yum! Another option is to add the zest of lime or lemon to your drink instead of the juice, for a slightly different flavour.


Not only does ginger have beneficial effects on calming your digestive system- in particular it can be very helpful in managing nausea- as well as potent cancer fighting properties, but it also delivers a huge flavour punch for in a very small quantity.


Fresh mint crushed and swirled through icy cold water or a smoothie to add a natural and sugar free fresh flavour that is hard to resist. Plus it’s one extra way to get more greens into your diet.

Soda water

Sometimes a little bit of bubble can be just enough so that you don’t feel like you are drinking just plain water. Add some of the flavours above to offer a little more to those tastebuds. The one thing to be mindful of with carbonated drinks is that if too much is consumed bloating can occur.

Some have actually reported the bubbles help them feel fuller, which may aid with consuming smaller portions when on a weight management plan.


Berries as a fruit are relatively low in sugar, so making a smoothie out of berries, crushed ice, and cold water, especially with a little bit of mint, can make a yummy cold drink to quench your thirst. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or just the frozen mix from the supermarket. Get blending and enjoy!

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