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Exercises for those who can’t exercise

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Your knees are too sore.
You have chronic back pain.
You are too big.
You have asthma.
You have balance problems.
You have arthritis.
You have an old sporting injury.
You are afraid to leave the house.
You can’t afford a gym membership or equipment.

How could you possibly be expected to exercise?

Although these are all legitimate limitations, they are just that- limitations. And there are always ways to get around them. So first things first…

1: All movement counts

If you can’t run a marathon, can you walk to your mailbox? If you can’t touch your toes, can you touch your knees? If you can’t move your shoulder joint, can you bend at the elbow instead? If you can’t stand on a treadmill, could you sit on an exercise bike?

Throw any ideas you have of a perfect exercise plan out the window and work out what it is that you can manage to do, no matter how small the movement is.

2: It doesn’t have to be all at once

You don’t need to do an hour straight. You can do 12 x 5 minutes spread throughout the day however you like. If you can’t manage 5 mins straight, do 30 x 2 mins throughout the day. Build up slowly from wherever you are able to start.

3: Get creative

Look for things around you that offer an opportunity to move. Do an extra lap at the shops pushing the trolley. Try getting up and down out of your chair each time without your hands or only using your fingertips. Don’t have any dumbbells? How about a can of tomatoes from the pantry?

Your environment around you offers infinite ways for you to move, push, pull, lift and stretch if you start looking for them.

4: Get help

A lot of the time we don’t know what we are capable of until we try, and having a trainer there to guide you can be invaluable. Not only can they offer their knowledge on ways to move working around your limitations, but they can encourage you to push yourself a little more in ways that are safe for you.

This is why so many guests who attended our retreats were amazed at how much more they could do than they thought. Our expert trainers are highly skilled at adapting exercises to work around pain, injuries, and have developed workouts to suit all shapes, sizes, and ages.

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