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Are you stuck?


You want to lose weight, but for some reason you just can’t seem to do it.

When it’s been years, and you still haven’t made progress (or have actually gained weight), it’s time to take a look at what could really be holding you back…

Your comfort zone.

Sometimes unfamiliar things can be scary, and so even though logically you want to be a size 12, in the back of your mind you are worried about what this could mean for you.

Here are some examples…

Your weight helps you fade into the background

For those of us that that have felt those nerves when all eyes are on us, such as having to speak in public, we can see how understandable it would be to want to avoid being the centre of attention.

Could it be possible that you believe that losing weight would make people take notice of you? Either in commenting on your weight loss, or you looking more physically attractive (this of course is subjective, you are beautiful at any weight).

For those who experience social anxiety of any type, having extra attention drawn to them can be a negative experience rather than a positive one.

Trying new foods

Are you someone that orders the same dishes from your local takeaway store because they are your favourites? Many of us have a list of foods that we know we like, and rather than possibly risk our time (preparation and cooking) or money on something we may not like, we just stick to our favourites, what is familiar.

This works against us when we are trying to change habits. We may need to get a little more adventurous and try some foods we don’t usually eat, as well as give ourselves some time to get used to the taste of different foods. Did you know that it takes about a month of eating healthy before your tastebuds change? Suddenly your favourite treats seem too sweet, and fresh fruit tastes just right.

Challenge yourself to try a new healthy recipe each week, to experiment with some healthier takeaway options, or to stick with diet changes for at least a few weeks before deciding you couldn’t possibly follow this kind of eating plan for the rest of your life. You might surprise yourself!

The discomfort that comes with movement

When you don’t regularly exercise, getting back into it is going to be uncomfortable. Your legs will burn, your chest will get tight as you gasp for air, and you might feel dizzy or even nauseous. The memory of what it felt like to exercise from the last time- or last few times- that you attempted to start exercising can be enough to stop you taking action.

Instead of jumping into a hardcore high intensity workout in a bout of enthusiasm or self hate, why not take a gentler approach? Start slow, really slow. If your weight makes it difficult for you to get off the couch then start there- seated exercises a few times a day. If you can’t do more than walk for 5 minutes then do that 5 minutes a couple of times a day. If a bootcamp class makes you want to die, choose a gentler group exercise class like yoga or water aerobics.

Start where you are and gradually work to build up your fitness. Every step counts, and improves your health. Forget the ideal numbers, and just work to move a little more each day. That’s not so scary is it?


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