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October 1, 2015

Losing weight seems like it is all about changing your body, but the truth is that weight loss is a mental game, too.

Here are some common mindsets that could be sabotaging your weight loss and making it more difficult.

Negative Thinking

Having a positive attitude is one of the keys to improving your life in almost every aspect, and weight loss is no exception.

If you spend every day obsessing over how miserable you are and how difficult it is to lose weight, it will meet your expectations.

Wishful Mode

The reverse of negative thinking is when you think so positively about becoming thin that you don’t put in the necessary effort to make it happen.

It’s great to have a positive mindset and to envision yourself thinner, but remember that wishes without action rarely come true.

Wanting Instant Gratification

When you’re not happy with your body and you’ve started working to change it, you may want to see results right away.

Unfortunately, rapid weight loss isn’t safe or sustainable, so remember that slow and steady is the way to win.

Putting It Off Until Tomorrow

Procrastination is part of human nature. But if you say you’ll start your diet tomorrow, or wait to join a gym until you’re past a stressful period, it’s unlikely to ever happen.

Don’t let your goals be derailed by excuses; just start now.

Staying in Your Comfort Zone

It’s tempting to want to stick with familiar foods and routines, but those contributed to becoming overweight.

If you’re serious about losing weight, you have to learn to like new foods and adjust to the initial discomfort of exercising.

Sad about What You’re Giving Up

Losing weight will inevitably require giving up some unhealthy habits. You may have to give up beer and pizza with friends or nights on the couch after work.

If you’re focused on how sad you feel to be missing out on what others are doing, you’ll have a much harder time.

Crash Dieting

Some diets promise miracles if you follow a restrictive diet. While you may indeed see some quick weight loss when you start one of these diets, you’ll gain it all back – and then some – once you have to go back to your normal diet.

For permanent weight loss, you need to make small, sustainable changes.

Focused End Dates

If you’re trying to lose weight before a big event, like a vacation or a wedding, or to win a work contest, the weight could come right back once the date is over.

Make sure your reasons for losing weight aren’t to meet a temporary goal.

Complaints and Excuses

The words you say are very powerful. What are you saying about losing weight? If you’re miserable and making a lot of excuses, or complaining about how much you hate the changes you’re making, you’re creating negative reinforcement.

Choose your words carefully to reflect the reality you want to see.

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