5 Ways to Burn Fat When You Haven’t Got Time to Exercise
January 19, 2018
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January 30, 2018

If you really want to get fit and healthy – but don’t want to fork out for a gym membership that you may or may not use – you’ll be happy to hear that there are free (or very low cost) ways that you can get in a workout!

Use your body weight

Instead of buying dumbbells or other equipment, you can still get in a resistance workout by simply using your own body weight. Calisthenic exercises such as wall push ups, squats, lunges, high knees etc are all examples of your body pushing against the force of gravity.

Take advantage of the great outdoors

This can be something as simple as taking a walk around the block, the local lake, or park. It could also involve a short trip away from home to explore new places. While this might involve topping up your fuel tank, the novelty of heading somewhere new and exciting might make the idea of a hike that much more exciting!

Stay inside

Digging out a long forgotten workout DVD or finding a workout on YouTube means that you can work up a sweat all without stepping outside the house! Perfect for when the weather is less than agreeable, or you just feel like some alone time.

Set up a watchlist for freebies

If you are lucky, you might be able to pick up free exercise equipment from online garage sale sites or groups. The New Year is a time when many catch decluttering fever and might be happy to give away their unwanted equipment to a good home.

Incidental exercise

Absolutely anything where your body moves can be considered physical activity. Cleaning the house, gardening, hanging out washing, walking around the shopping centre, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Look for more opportunities through the day in any way, shape, or form where you can find an excuse to get moving.

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