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3 foods that can help you lose weight.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could add foods to your diet that actually helped you to lose weight? Research has shown that some foods when eaten regularly can actually result in better weight loss results.

This comes down to the complex ways that we digest and metabolise food. Foods that have higher fat, protein, and fibre content are themselves digested more slowly helping to keep us feeling full, as well as slowing down digestion and absorption of carbohydrates that are consumed around the same time, which helps to stabilise blood sugar levels for more sustained energy.

There is also evidence that some foods can have a positive effect on our metabolism, and a higher metabolic rate means more calories burned in a day, which leads to higher rates of weight loss and the ability to keep off the weight once it has been lost.

Here are three foods that you can add to your meal plans that might give you a bit of an edge when it comes to reaching your weight loss goals. Just keep in mind that we want to have all things in moderation, and that it is the sum of everything we do that determines our success in this area.


High in protein, good fats, and nutrient dense, eggs are a great addition to an eating plan as they help keep you feeling fuller for longer, help stabilise blood sugar levels when consumed with carbohydrates, and are already perfectly portion controlled. Have your eggs boiled, scrambled, poached, or fried in a non-stick pan. Add to sandwiches, salads, meals, or just on their own.

One egg is about 77 calories so you can usually have 1-2 at a time, around 5 a week is a good goal, and as eggs contains all 9 essential amino acids, plus other great nutrients such as iron, not only could they help with your weight, but also help you have great energy levels at the same time!


Fairly low in calories but high in protein, tuna is a great snack to have on whole grain crackers, as a sandwich filler, healthy pasta bake dishes, or to add to salads. A source of iron plus potassium which is vital for brain function and memory, as well as heart and muscle activity.

Try to aim for the varieties in water rather than oil. Some flavoured tuna is fine, just read your nutrition labels. The small 95g tins are roughly 100 cal, so combined with some form of wholegrain carbohydrate these are a fantastic mid meal snack or lunch option. Just be aware of the frequency of your tuna consumption with regards to the mercury content, a couple of times a week is a good goal.


Despite being relatively high in calories, studies have found that regular consumption of moderate amounts of nuts can be helpful for weight loss. This may come down to the protein, healthy fat, and fibre content, helping you to feel full and helping to stabilising blood sugar levels.

The good fats are also important for heart health, healthy cholesterol levels, and disease fighting vitamins and minerals. Overall, regular nut consumption has been linked to lower disease and living longer. There’s a plus!

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