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July 27, 2018
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What role does water play in weight loss? If you are someone that struggles to get in enough water in the day, and you are trying to lose weight, is this a problem? Here we discuss how water impacts the processes in weight loss and why you should be boosting your intake.

Water weight

A significant proportion of your body weight is made up of water. So what do you think happens if you don’t drink enough? Your body weight will be lower on the bathroom scales, giving you a false sense of accomplishment- that you’ve lost weight when in fact this isn’t the case. Why is this a problem? Because much of our weight loss behaviour is impacted by our “successes” or “failures”. We feel more motivated when we are seeing wins, and feel less motivated and more likely to deviate off the plan when we think our efforts are not producing results.

Aiming to consume enough water through the day, weighing yourself at the same time of day, and minimising salt intake are all good strategies to help keep your weight on the scales closer to reality.

Clearing toxins

Losing weight creates byproducts, which need to be cleared from your system. How does the human body do this? By excreting toxins and metabolic byproducts through your urine. In order for this process to be effective, you need to be consuming enough water for this to be possible. Caffeinated beverages don’t have the same effect so choose caffeine free/herbal teas, sugar-free cordial, lime or lemon juice squeezes in water, soda water, or other low-calorie options

Energy and concentration

Did you know that just 1% dehydration starts to impact your concentration, energy levels, and decision making? Which of these do you think you’ll be needing in order to create meal plans, ensure balanced nutrition, cook or prepare meals and snacks, and then stick to your plan and not give in to cravings or impulses to overeat. You guessed right! So if you are feeling tired, like your engine is running a little slow, or you can’t think clearly- water should be your first go to.

How do you remember to get in enough water in your day? Tell us in the comments!

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