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Undoing Holiday Weight Gain


If you, like so many others, have spent the last month overindulging on sweets, booze, or other high-calorie foods, and now you’re reaping what you sowed on the scale, don’t worry. Follow these easy tips for undoing the damage and, in no time, you’ll be wearing your skinny jeans again.

1:  Keep eating. Skipping meals in an effort to shed holiday weight quickly will only make you hungrier and set you up for overeating later. Start each day with some protein, such as eggs, to keep you satisfied throughout the morning, and don’t skip lunch, either.

2:  Stay away from the white stuff. Sugar and white breads and rice can cause you to retain water as well as making your energy level spike – and then drop, sending you in search of more carbs to boost you back up. Cut these foods out of your diet, and you’ll notice a drop in your weight as well as an increase in your energy.

3:  Toss the holiday leftovers. When the holidays are over, get rid of all the holiday food. Keeping temptation sitting in your refrigerator is a recipe for disaster.

4:  Write down your goals. Come up with a specific goal and write it down – that way, it becomes verifiable and real. You can also keep a record of what you eat and what exercise you complete to give yourself accountability and motivation.

5:  Exercise. If the busy-ness of the holidays kept you from your workouts, now is the time to get back into the habit of exercising regularly. Exercise burns calories and also improves your mood, which may help you make better food choices.

6:  Drink more water. Water helps fill you up, keeps you from mistaking thirst for hunger, and helps flush out the “bad” stuff you’ve been overdoing during the holidays.

7:  Be patient. You didn’t gain ten pounds in five days; you won’t lose it that fast, either. Changing your diet is a challenge, and it’s the long-term that matters.

8:  Don’t beat yourself up. Enjoying festive food with family and friends is part of the holiday experience, and that’s okay. Accept that what’s done is done, and move forward.

If your clothes got a little tighter this December, no problem – making a few simple changes may be all you need to get back on track after the holiday season.

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