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The grandma diet


When we spend time with our grandparents, many of us will be reflecting on how lucky we are to be living in the times that we are in. Knowing all the sacrifices that others made before us, so that we could be free, safe, and thriving brings a new appreciation for all we have going for us in our lives. As much as there are hundreds of ways that our world today has improved, is there anything we can learn from our parents or grandparents and the experience they have that we can use to improve our own lives?

1: They cooked

Rather than going for more processed or convenience foods, or takeaway, they prepared their own meals, usually from scratch using fresh ingredients. Less sodium, less sugar, and packed full of vitamins and minerals.

2: They ate seasonal foods

With less capacity for keeping fruit and vegetables available all year, they relied on seasonal produce which was naturally higher quality in terms of nutritional content.

3: They baked

Rather than store bought treats, they prepared their sweets from real ingredients and ate them fresh, which means preservatives weren’t a consideration.

4: They sat at the dinner table for meals

Technology- TV, smart phones, tablets + longer working hours. These have meant that an increasing number of people are not actually sitting down at the dinner table to eat, are not having real conversations with their families, and are not present in the moment during meals. Distracted eating, watching TV instead of conversing, scrolling through your Facebook feed instead of learning how your daughters day was, eating in a hurry or on the run, phone calls or text messages pulling you away. These have all become standard practice in a lot of houses and contribute to being disconnected from loved ones plus risking overeating.

5: They moved more

They worked in their vegetable garden. They walked to the store. They went to visit friends rather than sending them a text. They went out dancing rather than collapsing on the couch with Netflix. Less desk jobs. More incidental exercise.  Less fancy time saving household cleaning devices. They didn’t need gym memberships when they were already so active.

Can you think of any ways you can incorporate some of these practices into your life to improve your health?

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