learn to succeed & love yourself

Seminars to help you develop new healthy habits & mindset.

Education that will get you results

Long term success is about more than just healthy eating & exercise.

Everyone is an individual, and individual results vary – but our program is specifically designed to help you develop the skills necessary to succeed over the long term.

Our program of workshops, education & seminars will help you:

Stop emotional eating with easy strategies
Get educated about nutrition and portion sizes
Make better choices when dining out
Identify the triggers that make you over eat and put in place effective strategies to overcome them.
Learn how to get motivated – and stay motivated
Learn to love yourself and increase your self confidence
Set and reach the goals that are important to you.

Any diet or retreat can provide you with ‘diet and exercise’ but if you really want long term success you need more.

You will leave your time at OnTrack confident of keeping the weight off and reaching your long term goals.

Although we recommend you participate in the seminars if you prefer you can use the time to do extra gym work or other activities. It’s your choice – its your program.

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