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Hydrotherapy Weight Loss Workout… Say No to Gravity

When pain is part of your every day life, it can be incredibly frustrating trying to lose weight. A hydrotherapy weight loss workout, otherwise known as water exercises, could give you the ability to get a strong and fit, with just a fraction of the pain.

Choosing a location where you feel comfortable, where the water is warm, and where you are working out with like minded people (or in privacy) can make getting into the pool seem so much more appealing.

The weightlessness that comes from movement in the water makes this type of exercise the perfect workout for sore joints and tight muscles. Below is an easy workout you can do in 15 minutes, to help you get fit, get strong, and improve your health.

Warm up + cool down

Walking laps up and down the pool, gently and slowly pushing against the resistance of the water is a wonderful way to prepare your muscles for the more vigorous exercise ahead. Time it to last around 3 minutes, then turn ninety degrees and side step up and down the pool, facing the same side of the pool, so you step to the left one way, and step to the right coming back.

Main Workout

Here you will be following a 30 seconds on- 30 seconds off cycle. Complete 30 seconds of each exercise, and then take a 30 second break. If your fitness level is lower you can use this time to rest and get your breath back.  If you are able to, keep moving in some way in between sets.

1: High knees

Lift your left knee up in front of you as high as you can without causing a lot of pain, then lower back to the ground. Repeat with your left knee. Continue to alternate legs for the full 30 seconds.

2: Side kicks

Lean your upper body slightly to the left to allow you to balance, kick your right leg out to the side, bending your right knee and then extending it to nearly straight, but not quite. Repeat on your left leg, and then continue to alternate left and right.

3: Floating kicks

Holding on to the edge of the pool, let your legs gently float up behind you so that you are almost horizontal on the water, and then paddle your legs, kicking strongly enough to keep you afloat for thirty seconds.

4: Leg curls

Standing on your left foot, keeping your knees together, bend your right knee and lift your foot up behind you as high as you can without causing too much pain. Lower your leg, bringing your feet back together on the ground, and swap to repeat with your right leg. 30 seconds of repetitions.

5: Punch it out

Lower yourself so that you are immersed in the water up to your shoulders. You may need to find the area of the pool that is deep enough, so that your knees are slightly bent but not more than 90 degrees. Make a fist, and alternating left and right hands, punch straight in front of you. Make sure you leave your elbow slightly bent when you punch out.

6: Uppercuts

Bring your hands in front of you, palm of your hand facing towards you. Make a fist, and alternate swooping your fists up from beside your hip to in line with your chest. When one fist us up, the other should be at your hip.

7: Star jumps

Jump (or step) both legs out and at the same time bring your hands up over your head.  If you find it difficult to balance doing this, you can keep your arms in the water the entire time. Jump or step both feet back in,  and bring your arms back down to just above the water at your sides. 30 second repetitions.

Hydrotherapy Weight Loss Workout: Safety note

You may find that you feel off balance getting out of the water, or that the pain in your joints returns once gravity starts to add pressure again. Make your way slowly out of the water, using hand rails to assist you, and use conservative measures such as heat packs, massage, or rest to manage pain.

Some discomfort is expected, and normal, but this should ease after an hour or two. You may experience some muscular pain in the next few days, again this is normal, and a sign that you have worked out those muscles.

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