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December 14, 2016
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Get fit for less than £20

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At this time of year there are a lot of added costs, so we have put together a bunch of ways to get fit without forking out hundred of dollars on equipment or memberships! All for less than £20!

Skipping rope

An oldie but a goodie, skipping if a fantastic form of cardio, it works core muscles, helps improve reflexes and agility, and is fantastic for burning calories fast!

Just make sure you wear shoes for this one to help absorb the impact on your joints.

Resistance band

These stretchy elastic bands can come with or without handles, and most of the exercises you would be given to do in a gym circuit can be adapted so that you can do a similar movement using your resistance band!

Tie it around a door handle, shut the door, and you now have a rowing machine! Stand on one end, hold the other, and do some biceps curls. Tie is around both ankles and do some leg lifts. The possibilities are endless!

Fit ball

Such a great piece of fitness equipment, it’s just so versatile. Use it as a weight for doing squats or leg lifts. Use it as a comfy base for crunches. Bounce around on it, do side steps, toe taps, add in simultaneous arm exercises and you have a full body workout! Every movement on the ball your core muscles need to be activated to keep you balances. Plus, it’s also great for stretching out your spine.

Walking shoes

If you aren’t used to exercising, and just want to get started, grab an ordinary pair of cheap walking shoes that feel comfortable. You don’t always need to pay big bucks for top of the line runners if you are just ambling around the block at your own pace getting started. Any exercise is better than none, so as long as they have some cushion and good arch support, you are good to go.

Exercise DVD

Or a couple if you pick them up second hand! Workout in the privacy of your own living room, at your own pace, in your sweat pants, at any time of the day that suits you!

Aerobics, yoga, pilates, Zumba, or callisthenics are great options if you don’t have any other equipment at home.

Yoga mat and YouTube

Grab yourself a comfy yoga mat, grab your phone or tablet, and search for all the free yoga workouts from beginner level right through to advanced. (Just watch your data allowance for streaming video content).

Need help learning how to exercise, what to do to get around old injuries or joint pain, or feel you are just too heavy or unfit to be able to exercise at all?

Take the plunge and book into a retreat with us staying 1-12 weeks. Our expert trainers know exactly what you need to get moving without being in pain or injuring yourself, and have worked with all shapes, sizes, fitness levels and ages. Anyone can exercise if they know the right way to go about it! Let us show you how!

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