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Exercises you can do in bed.


Injuries, joint pain, being a larger size, balance problems. There are many reasons why being on your feet for a workout can be a challenge, or downright impossible. This doesn’t mean you aren’t able to still get a great workout. Check out our suggestions for exercises you can do while laying down, and as always just run these by your doctor before you start, and go nice and slow to begin, gradually building up repetitions. Keep a record of how many repetitions you were able to do at the start, and try and add one or two to that each week.

Air bicycle

Bring your feet up while laying on your back, and make like you are riding an imaginary bicycle.

Leg lifts

Keeping both legs straight, laying on your back, slowly bring one leg up in the air as high as is comfortable for you, and then gently lower back down.

Side leg lifts

Lay on your side, bend your knee on the leg you are laying on closest to the bed to help keep you balanced on your side, and slowly lift your other straight leg up in the air as far as feels comfortable, and then gently lower back down.

Chest press

Grab something with some weight (0.5-2kg) like drink bottles, or dumbells. Holding one in each hand, laying on your back, elbows on the bed at 90 degrees from your body, and hands straight up in the air pointing towards the ceiling. Gently lift so you are pushing your hands up towards the roof and your elbows straighten, and then gently lower back to your starting position.


Lay face down on the bed with your legs straight, feet together, and your hands straight above your head. Contract the muscles in your back, and slowly lift both your arms and chest up off the bed at the same time as you lift your straight legs up behind you. Imagine the position superman is in when he’s flying- hence the name! Try and hold this lift for two seconds, and then gently lower back down. If you don’t have the strength or flexibility to get your arms or legs off the bed that’s ok- as long as your muscles are contracting you’ll get stronger.

Leg press

Grab a stretchy resistance band, holding one end in each hand, bend your knees up towards your chest and place both feet on the midsection of the band, then push your feet away from you, pushing against the stretch of the band, and straightening your legs out (but not locking your knees), then gently bend your knees again and bring them back to your starting position.

Tick tocks 

Laying on your back, arms outstretched on the bed 90 degrees from your body, bring your knees up towards your chest keeping your knees together, and then gently and slowly (keeping your back flat on the bed) lean your knees towards your left side as far is as comfortable for you, then back up in line with your spine (your shins should be parallel to the ceiling), then lean to the right side, and repeat.

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