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February 28, 2017
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March 5, 2017

Ever tell yourself you’ll just do more exercise to make up for a cheat meal (or day)?Many of us underestimate how much energy we actually burn when we exercise, or just how much energy is in the treat foods we consume.

To make sure you stay on track with your weight loss plan below you can find examples of just how much exercise you need to work off the extra calories.

Figures below are estimates based on a 100kg female, and so may be more or less depending on your body weight, muscle mass, and gender.

Exercises equal to 100 calories

Walking moderate pace                         18 mins

Jogging                                                 4 mins

Aerobics                                              14 mins

Water aerobics                                     14 mins

Boxing                                                10 mins

Yoga                                                   25 mins

Cycling                                                20 mins

Calisthenics                                         20 mins

Circuit training                                       8 mins

Cleaning                                              25 mins

Cross trainer                                        20 mins

Dancing                                               20 mins

Pilates                                                 20 mins

Swimming                                            20 mins

Treat foods equal to 100 calories

1/2 small McDonalds chips

1/5 slice mud cake

1/4 meat pie

20g potato crisps/chips

1/2 Mars bar

100ml milkshake

1/8 chicken parmigiana

1/5 bowl carbonara pasta

2/3 tablespoon butter

1 scoop ice cream

1/3 slice cheesecake

1/3 cheeseburger

1 glass dry wine

1/2 sausage

12 jelly beans

1-2 cookies

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