Time for a Treat
Time for a Treat?
March 1, 2018
“Effective” Weight Loss
March 14, 2018

It’s getting to that time again: Easter. While we love the four-day weekend and the feeling that spring’s finally here, the chocolate temptations around every corner can make it so easy to fall off the wagon and give in to those bad old habits. Plus, let’s be realistic, it’s hard to say no to the voice inside your head that’s screaming for the chocolate. But what if we were to tell you there are ways to satisfy the cravings and remain on track to the new you.

A healthy Easter treat

If every time you see hot cross buns in the aisles of your local shop you feel your willpower falter (especially in the sale aisle), then look no further than this Easter recipe for clean eating hot cross buns. Wholemeal is a better alternative to white flour thanks to its fibre density, healthy fats and extra vitamins, and it helps that it tastes amazing as well. Unfortunately, while they are certainly healthier than the shop bought alternative, remember not to overdo it and to treat them as a special Easter dessert not a snack.

Easter cheat-sheet

Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth and need sweet little something to take your mind off the Easter goodies available in every supermarket? Fruit is a natural, healthy alternative to satisfy cravings. Now we know what you’re thinking, how can fruit replace chocolate? Well, it’s packed full of natural sugars, making for a surprisingly tasty way to treat yourself and not feel guilty later. We’d recommend eating dates as a delicious and nutritious way to satisfy that sweet tooth and stay away from chocolate for longer, but as with any thing remember to enjoy in moderation!

Odd one out

It’s normal to feel a bit left out on the day as your family surrounds themselves in a multitude of goodies, especially if you’ve got children. Luckily, you don’t need to be the odd one out on Easter Sunday as there are many dairy-free, dark chocolate alternatives to the classic Easter egg. A delicious example is Hotel Chocolat’s vegan-friendly 70% cocoa bunny, which despite being hollow, contains the same amount of chocolate as most regular eggs, but with less guilt due to the higher cocoa percentage and significantly less dairy and sugar volume in dark choc  – win!  It’s a painless way to maintain your healthy eating plan and not feel excluded from the holiday fun.

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