10 Benefits of Weight Loss
10 Benefits of Weight Loss
May 16, 2018
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Self Talk and the Art of Losing Weight
May 28, 2018

Sick to death of trying to figure out how to lose weight, and just looking for something fast that works! Ready for a diet plan that only takes 5 minutes? We have just what you need…

Check out these steps to getting together a diet and exercise plan that will be effective. It might not be perfect, but if it was… let’s be honest, you probably wouldn’t want to stick to it anyway! Okay, and are you ready? Get set… go!

1: 7 dinners in 30 seconds

Yep, you’re going to brainstorm recipes that you already know how to make, that could maybe just use a tweak or two to make them healthier (or that are already healthy) and you are going to write them down on a piece of paper. GO.

2: Three words and lunches are sorted

Repeat after me… Cook. In. Bulk. When you make your dinners, you are going to make extra so that you can have leftovers for lunch the next day. Healthy, easy, very little extra effort or thought required.

3: Mid meals are a breeze

Did you know you are supposed to eat 2-3 pieces of whole fresh fruit a day? Yep, there’s your morning tea, afternoon tea, and supper. Add “21 pieces of fruit” to your grocery list now. Still going to be hungry? A low sugar yoghurt or glass of milk a day will get you your daily calcium.

4: Brainstorm breakfast

Think about how much time you have in the mornings, and decide on 2-3 breakfast choices that you can repeat. Maybe a smoothie, porridge, an egg on whole grain toast, or muesli with yoghurt. Write them down.

5: Fast fitness

Take an honest look at your calendar, and the times that you 1: have free and 2: are actually likely to get up and exercise. Choosing 5am when you normally sleep until 7:30am may be unrealistic. A 20 minute walk on your lunch break may be more likely.

Write down 3 x 30 min time slots, and now schedule those into your calendar. Then pick 2-3 different workout options you think you could actually do e.g. walking, bike riding, swimming, yoga etc.


How do you feel? You’ve just put together a super fast healthy meal and exercise plan for the week, and it took no time at all? Can you see how easy it can be to overcomplicate things, and fall into the trap of analysis paralysis?

Don’t! Keep it simple, but effective. You can fine tune things along the way. The most important part is that you get started, and make some healthy changes. Weight loss seeming a little more achievable now? Glad we could help.

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