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December 19, 2016
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December 19, 2016
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5 energy rechargers for after Christmas day

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Feeling a little flat (or outright exhausted)? We don’t blame you.

Not only is the lead up to Christmas a lot of work- shopping for gifts, getting groceries, cooking meals, cleaning up, getting work done so you can take time off- but it also leads to physical changes which make you feel like you have flatlined.

That’s why we have put together 5 tips for getting the bounce back in your step!

Have a “light” day

Christmas meals can often be heavier, richer than usual, and you are likely to eat larger portions than you usually would because hey- it’s Christmas! If that has left you feeling a little lethargic, opt for lighter meals the day after such as salads, soups, or vegetable juices, and whole fruit, all of which are naturally lower in calories and have a higher water content.

Water is your best friend

If you enjoyed a few drinks of the alcoholic kind on the big day, you were so busy running around or catching up with family that you didn’t drink as much water as usual, or you ate salty foods, you could be feeling flat out of dehydration. Make sure you load up on water today, as we know that even 1% dehydration starts to affect mood, concentration, and energy levels.

Get in a workout

The best way to boost energy levels for the rest of the day is to get your heart rate up, for at least 25 minutes. Once those endorphins are flowing you’re not only going to be in a much better mood, but you can also feel good that you worked off some of the extra indulgences from yesterday.


Having a messy space that you live in, with dirty dishes, wrapping from presents, and gifts strewn everywhere is bound to leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed and unmotivated.

Focus on one thing at a time- wash and put away dishes, gather up the wrapping paper and put it in the trash outside, find new places in your home for gifts, maybe even do a charity donation of old belongings you no longer need.

Once things are cleared away you will feel much less frazzled, and able to relax.


Sometimes our family members say or do things that baffle, frustrate, or stress us out. Other times just having to be in the presence of so many people at once is enough to do it. Maybe we are away from the people that we love this year and missing them.

Whatever the reason, if you are feeling a little low, taking a moment to think about all the positives in your life and appreciating how good you have it in the scheme of things is one way to bring your stress levels down and shift your focus to happier things.

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