Libby did the OnTrack Weight Loss Method and lost weight and gained a pip in her step again!

What benefits did you get from the OnTrack Weight Loss Method?

The benefits of Ontrack physically for me were losing weight, losing cm and gaining a pip in my step again.

How do you feel after the program?

I am a lot fitter and happier and a lot more positive about what’s ahead of me for the rest of the year and for the rest of my life as well. I lost weight and I gained strength and endurance. It was overall very positive I’m very happy with the experience.

What part of the program did you enjoy the most?

The education was really good for me and I recommend reading all of the material. I feel I have the bull by the horns and I can tackle my health head on now. If you are thinking of doing OnTrack then do OnTrack its as simple as that!

We love how the OnTrack Weight Loss Method has helped people to lose weight, gain strength and get her mobility back. If you need help too, then join us now and we can help you to make a positive change to your health and lifestyle!

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OnTrack Weight Loss Method Program


  • Weekly personal phone coaching session with your own weight loss specialist
  • Weekly program emails on new topics to help you to create a new healthy lifestyle
  • Create a new exercise plan that works for you
  • Create a healthy eating plan that works for you
  • Weekly program recipe updates to keep your eating plan fun and varied
  • Unlimited personal coach support via email
  • Access to the OnTrack Method healthy lifestyle guide and recipe book

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