OnTrack Retreats Business Partner Referral Program

Earn £250 When You Refer A Client To Us 

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Add £1000s to your monthly income by joining the OnTrack Retreats referral partner program

See How We Can Help Your Referral with OnTrack Weight Loss Retreat in the Cotswolds at Hilton Puckrup Hall Resort.

  • Drop the fat you’ve struggled to shift on your own
  • Get fitter, more flexible & reduce pain
  • Form the habit of eating well
  • End emotional & binge eating for good
  • Improve long term health issues like Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes or High Blood Pressure
  • Strengthen your immune system to help fight viruses and illnesses
  • Enjoy a healthier lifestyle with our combined fitness sessions at YOUR fitness level
  • Start a weight loss retreat program which is specifically designed to get you results
  • Perform weigh-ins in a private and relaxed environment
  • Lose the weight that you have put on in lockdown.

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Earn £250 For Every Week That Your Referral Stays With Us

Over the years, we have been extremely blessed to have some amazing partners who consistently refer their friends, family, and clients to take advantage of our life changing weight loss retreat.

Many of our guests stay with us because of our partners ongoing referrals.

As a result, we have designed our Business Partner Referral Program to share recurring commissions with our partners to reward them and say “thanks” for connecting us with their network.

Our Business Partner Referral Program provides our partners with a simple, easy, and profitable way to refer us new opportunities. #

The aim of the Business Partner Referral Program is to build fruitful, long-term business relationships with our referral partners.

How does the program work? Simple.

We pay a flat commission of £250 for each week that your referral stays with us.

It’s that simple. All you need to do is sign the Business Partner Referral Program agreement and start referring people who need our help.

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See How We Can Help Your Referrals To Be Healthier

“The best and healthiest weight loss program.”


“Transformed my life inside out”


“The best weight loss experience of my life.”


“Like leaving family behind”


or call 0800 689 3104

What Is The Process To Get Started

What Is The Process?

Once you submit the form below, a member of our management team will reach out to you to discuss the program in more detail.
At the end of the day, we want to make sure our Referral Partners understand how we can help their referrals and also how we can best work together to help our partners maximise their referral business with us.
Once you are happy with the process then we will send over the Business Partner Referral Program Agreement

or call 0800 689 3104

Discover the benefits of partnering with OnTrack Retreats

OnTrack’s Weight Retreat has helped many of our partners to earns £1000s extra per month.

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A comprehensive program to help

Help you referrals to lose weight, get fit & develop new healthy habits

Everyone is different, and individual results may vary — but here’s what one guest said when asked about OnTrack Retreats.

“OnTrack isn’t a diet, it’s a complete program of eating well, exercise and education to keep the weight off. They are awesome. OnTrack Changed my life.”

Fun exercise at your level

Fitness sessions that get results, at your fitness level.

Eat Well & Enjoy It

Get into the habit of eating right with tasty nutritious meals.

Success Seminars

End emotional eating for good and deal with other mindset issues

Got Questions About OnTrack’s Program?

Call now on 0800 689 3104 or ask your question here.

Here are a few common questions we get asked:

Is OnTrack Weight Loss Camps like a bootcamp?

We are better. Some bootcamps have you rolling around in mud, undertaking exercise not suitable for you, and have trainers shouting at you like you are in the military.

At OnTrack Weight Loss Retreats we help you get results fast but we help you keep the weight off for the long term.

Most bootcamps deliver short term results that don’t last. Here at OnTrack Weight Loss Camps we provide you unlimited post program support for when you get home.

I’m unfit, will the program suit me?

Yes our expert weight loss camp team work with you at YOUR fitness level.

We work with clients who are morbidly obese, those who have a lot of weight to lose as well as those who want to tone up and get fit.

Our expert weight loss retreat trainers will adjust the exercises to suit your fitness level.

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Stunning Cotswolds Location

Relax & de-stress in comfort & luxury

Set in acres of Cotswolds countryside at the Hilton Resort our beautiful retreat offers you facilities unrivalled by any other program.

Enjoy the onsite spa, indoor pool & relax in your beautiful room at the end of a hard days training